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1. Company Name: TSK DENKO CO., LTD.
2. Company Address:: No.16, Ln. 156, Zhongzheng 3rd Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 239, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
3. TEL: 886-2-2670-5311 delegate line(5 LINES)
4. FAX: 886-2-2670-7606 sale department
886-2-2677-1266 wiring harness department
5. E-mail: tskdenko@ms9.hinet.net  for Sale department
6. URL: http://www.tskdenko.com.tw
7. Year established: April 1988
8. President: BEEN-CHANG  LIN
General manage: BEEN-CHANG  LIN
9. Capital: US$2.1 MILLIONS
10. Main Products: ●  Cable and wiring harness for tool machine, industry machine and industry equipment use.
●  Super oil resistant, vibration resistant, heat resistant, abrasion resistant, super flexible cable for Robot & 6-Axis Robot use.
●  Flexible CAT.5 cable and wiring harness for network, facility management and control system use.
●  Special copper alloy conductor wire & PU coil.
●  Super flexible Cable of PTFE , and super heat resistant cable.
●  UL, CSA, <PS>E and IEC, CE mark cable of qualification.
●  China Compulsory Certification(CCC) approval cable.
11. Certification: A. ISO 9001:2008 certified by UL.file No:20003350ˇ@QM08
B. Radiation certified No:2002439
1. KIVˇG JET6669-12001-1001
2. KIVˇG JET6669-12001-1002
3. KIVˇG JET6669-12001-1003
4. VCTˇG JET6669-12012-1001
5. VCTˇG JET6669-12012-1003
6. VCTFˇG JET6669-12009-1001
D. CQC certified file No.2003010105090564 Factory NO:A022281
CCC Certified (Chinese)
CCC Certified (English)
NO. CN3198  227 IEC 52 (H03VV-F)
NO. CN3195  227 IEC 53 (H05VV-F)
E. MSHA certified file No. P-07-KA090019-MSHA
  MSHA certified file No. P-07-KA090020-MSHA
F. UL certified file No.


  E117926 AWM


Multiple-conductor, thermoplastic insulation.

2.  E117993 Flexible Cord.
3.  E347000 Machine-tool Wire
4.  E347001 Power and Control Tray Cable
G. CSA certified File No.
LL90443 AWM & Flexible Cord.